CS: GO update added griefing report changes and mocha and Pitstop tweaks

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It’s happening astatine each Counter-Strike: Global Offensive today.Valve launched conscionable $ 1 cardinal “Dream and Nightmare” Art Contest We are looking for 10 archetypal fan-designed limb tegument designs to incorporated into the game. There are besides caller updates. It changes the mode the griefing study is processed and folds successful 2 with immoderate tweaks. FPS game map.

“Players who person an unusually ample magnitude of grief reports person a warning, followed by a competitory cooldown escalating,” Valve explains successful the latest CS: GO spot note. It’s not precisely wide however this volition beryllium played from the enactment itself, arsenic we haven’t gotten into immoderate further detail.But it looks similar a instrumentality Reddit We person recovered what the informing subordinate receives erstwhile receiving a ample fig of grief reports. “We person received acold much griefing maltreatment reports than astir players. If this continues, we volition incur a matchmaking cooldown penalty.”

In summation to this change, Pitstop and Mocha person received caller adjustments. In the erstwhile case, the representation skybox and fog person been improved, caller improvement textures person been added, and assorted parts person been fixed.

The Mocha database is longer and determination are respective windows unfastened connected the B tract to springiness players much state to propulsion grenades. The valve besides changed its question astir a peculiar spot, pulling up the partition from the CT spawn to the mediate and eliminating the boost. There is simply a caller bin successful beforehand of the T-spawn that allows the subordinate to leap up.

Today’s merchandise notes person been uploaded. We volition nonstop you updates to the Griefer Report and however to woody with it. Dreams & Nightmare submissions could beryllium tagged successful the workshop, and Pitstop and Mocha received updates. https://t.co/qnFRvHYPEv

— CS: GO (@CSGO) July 22, 2021

The workplace besides fixed immoderate texture clips and “stack spots of aggregate bombs” and collapsed with immoderate “minor” optimization improvements.You tin drawback Complete spot notes If you privation to cheque them out, spell to the CS: GO tract via that link.

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