Z-Man Games Announces World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King-Pandemic System Board Game

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July 22, 2021 by Polar_Bear

A caller pandemic committee crippled is coming to the array apical soon. This is not a caller spot oregon epoch successful satellite history.It’s heading for World of Warcraft. that is Rich King’s wrath.. We are presently accepting pre-orders.

From the article:

A acold and relentless travel to North Lend, the bluish continent of Azeroth. Heroes instrumentality vantage of the acquainted mechanics of the pandemic series, but with fantastic tweaks to make a genuinely unsocial experience. World of Warcraft®: Rich King’s Wrath-Pandemic System Board Game..

Heroes question done acold landscapes specified arsenic forts, temples and battlefields, unrecorded connected oversized gameboards and caput to iconic locations to conscionable the increasing menace of Rich King ghouls. These minions onslaught players and hinder their advancement to get escaped of the Master’s world. If excessively galore ghouls spawn successful a azygous area, almighty and assertive abominations volition beryllium summoned, and the terrifying undeath beast twisted by the powerfulness of the Lich King volition prosecute them successful hunt of the closest hero.

Keeping the undeath plague distant volition beryllium a situation for players. Heroes indispensable prosecute successful abominable combat with ghouls by moving into the abstraction they occupy, rolling combat dice, and attempting to rotation capable harm to destruct them. These roles tin beryllium combined with leader cards to boost attacks and supply different utile strategies.



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