Demon Slayer Season 2 Is In Full Swing, And That Means More Crying, Slashing, And Booty-Smacking


Demon Slayer Season 2 Is In Full Swing, And That Means More Crying, Slashing, And Booty-Smacking

Season 2 of “Demon Slayer” is lastly in full swing with the premiere of the episode “Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui.” Because the season technically started with seven episodes that simply rehashed the occasions of the “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train” film, this episode is technically episode eight of season 2. However, this episode marks the start of the a lot anticipated Entertainment District Arc, which means it is additionally an episode 1. If you discover that somewhat complicated, nicely, welcome to the great world of anime. Let’s dive in.

The starting of the episode is fairly miserable because it offers with the aftermath of Rengoku’s loss of life and the way it impacts his household and the Demon Slayer Corps, however in true “Demon Slayer” vogue, the heavier material is balanced with moments of levity starting from cute to absurd. Also according to the present’s popularity is the truth that the animation and artwork model continues to be beautiful, whereas the music is at all times completely composed and positioned to maximise emotional influence. Speaking of music, this arc comes with a brand new opening theme, and it slaps. So we all know the episode seems and sounds wonderful, however how’s the plot?

The Impact of Rengoku’s Death

The episode opens with tragic and heroic demise of beloved Flame Hashira Rengoku by the hands of the power-obsessed demon Akaza, a lot to the anguish and sorrow of everybody current. Thankfully, Inosuke cuts by the unhappiness together with his hysterical shouting and requires Tanjiro and Zenitsu to cease crying — even supposing he was actually crying so laborious that even his boar head masks was spilling large tears.

We then get to see how Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu cope with the lack of Rengoku, who had already grow to be one thing of an older brother to the trio within the brief time they received to know him throughout the occasions of the Mugen Train Arc. Each of the younger demon slayers resolves to maintain preventing and rising stronger, which is what the nice Rengoku would have wished. Zenitsu specifically appears essentially the most affected, as we get a surprisingly nice second of introspection the place he speaks, amongst different issues, concerning the futility of inaction saying, “There’s no point in cowering forever.” He additionally shows a substantial quantity of emotional intelligence, reflecting on the emotional states of his strong-willed comrades, drawing on their energy to extend his personal. It was a welcome change from his common shows of cowardice and attractive desperation, a lot in order that it really made me dislike Zenitsu rather less.

Although it was positively some of the heartbreaking moments in “Demon Slayer” so far, I believe Rengoku’s loss of life was mandatory. Before you get out your pitchforks, let me clarify. Rengoku was so endlessly earnest, heroic, and pure that he would have grow to be stale and doubtlessly annoying if he continued additional within the sequence. He was actually excellent, and whereas that is nice, excellent can get boring. There’s nowhere for an ideal character to go besides to the grave or the darkish aspect as a result of there’s nothing new for them to study. Seeing Rengoku grow to be a villain (as Akaza wished) would have been too out of character to make sense, and seeing him quit and grow to be a defeated shell of himself would have been clichéd and upsetting. The finest approach to keep true to the character as he was written was for him to go down in a blaze of glory. He was finally destined to be a sacrificial lamb, and he was a rattling good one. His loss of life is serving as a robust catalyst for the expansion and motivation of our remaining characters; I imply, simply take a look at the best way it has already began to alter Zenitsu for the higher. Up till this episode, Zenitsu was 100% my least favourite character resulting from his incessant cowardice and borderline creepy thirst for Nezuko, however issues have modified. Someone much more unbearable has stepped as much as take his place.

Rengoku’s Dad (Sucks) and Younger Brother

Dethroning Zenitsu because the worst character in “Demon Slayer” is none apart from Rengoku’s father, Shinjuro. I do possess some empathy for the daddy of the fallen Flame Hashira, however I even have little persistence for abusive bastards. Bad mother and father make me offended, and Shinjuro sucks ass by a boba straw. He’s a bitter alcoholic who’s unreasonably chilly and merciless to everybody round him, together with his remaining son (Senjuro) and Tanjiro, who stopped by to ship Rengoku’s final phrases and discover out extra concerning the mysterious dance his father used to carry out, often known as the “Hinokami Kagura” (dance of the fireplace god). Upon Tanjiro’s arrival, Shinjuro begins to disparage his lately deceased son. He then assaults Tanjiro and strikes Senjuro within the course of. Tanjiro, justifiably, responds by throwing fingers — or his brow, technically — with the belligerent previous man whereas younger Senjuro seems on, terrified and weeping. We do ultimately see Shinjuro privately take a break from shotgunning sake lengthy sufficient break down and cry over the lack of Rengoku, so I assume he has a coronary heart someplace in any case. I nonetheless do not like him.

Despite his finest efforts to be violently unhelpful, Shinjuro does find yourself inadvertently giving Tanjiro some new details about the Hinokami Kagura, revealing that the dance is definitely a legendary respiration model often known as “sun breathing,” from which all different respiration types are derived. This confuses Tanjiro, who remarks that, to his information, his household has by no means been concerned in demon slaying earlier than. How may his father presumably have identified about demon slayer respiration methods, not to mention the primary and strongest strategy of all?

For his half, the meek Senjuro is finally grateful for Tanjiro’s chaotic go to. He decides he’ll do his finest to be useful to others, beginning with discovering extra details about solar respiration, which can contain defying his father to a point. It seems as if Tanjiro’s braveness has given him the energy to start standing as much as his father.

Muzan Kibutsuji and Akaza

While everybody else is mourning the lack of Rengoku, large dangerous Muzan Kibutsuji has determined to disguise himself as a sick little boy, forgoing his common Michael Jackson impersonator swag. Ever the sleek legal, he manages to be adopted by a household that’s unaware of his true identification as a robust, centuries-old demon. Akaza reveals up at Muzan’s new dwelling solely to be berated and violently punished by Muzan for not with the ability to find a “blue spider lily” or take out greater than a single demon slayer throughout his Mugen Train mission. What is the importance of the blue spider lily, and why would Muzan ship certainly one of his strongest henchmen to find it?

Tengen Uzui: Professional Demon Slayer and Casual Ass-Slapper

The episode ends with Tanjiro rescuing Naho and Aoi from Tengen Uzui, the Sound Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, who was making an attempt to kidnap the women for a mission within the Red-Light District, ignoring their cries and protests within the course of. Tanjiro, volunteers himself (with Nezuko in tow), Inosuke, and Zenitsu to go on the mission instead of the unwilling women. Tengen agrees to take them on, carelessly dropping Naho from his arms and releasing Aoi from his muscular grip — however not earlier than slapping her on the ass. What a charmer. He then informs Tanjiro and the gang that their mission will happen within the Entertainment District… Also often known as the Red-Light District. Yes, that sort. 

I’m hoping we’ll see one other aspect of Tengen, as a result of proper now he is only a cocky jock stereotype. Sure, we will argue that he acts as a foil to the respectful, humble, and sort Rengoku, who had agreed to tackle the boys as apprentices earlier than his surprising demise, however to what finish? Does this stark distinction in mentors serve a function? Is there extra to Tengen than muscle mass and misogyny? We’ll discover out within the coming weeks, as new episodes of “Demon Slayer: Entertainment Distract Arc” premiere each Sunday on Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll.

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