The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Breakdown: Everything Old Is New Again


The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Breakdown: Everything Old Is New Again

Well, issues positive have escalated in a rush. After months and months of Warner Bros. protecting this new “Matrix” sequel shrouded in thriller, the dam is lastly bursting and viewers are all of a sudden getting a greater sense of what lies in retailer for us from the unparalleled inventive thoughts of Lana Wachowski. The newest “The Matrix Resurrections” trailer arrived earlier at this time and, very similar to Neo taking that crimson tablet from Morpheus manner again within the authentic movie, nothing feels prefer it’ll ever be the identical once more. There’s no scarcity of particulars to dig into, so let’s get proper into the trailer breakdown.

“Repeating Loops”

“We can’t see it. But we’re all trapped inside these strange, repeating loops.” These foreboding first phrases within the trailer are spoken by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s mysterious new character, who the actor confirmed to be “a different iteration” of the unique Morpheus famously performed by Laurence Fishburne within the authentic trilogy. Imbued with a sure extent of reminiscence concerning the occasions within the earlier films, he is clearly essentially the most becoming option to ominously narrate about what could also be arrange as a serious supply of battle in “Resurrections.”

The preliminary photos present a heavily-armed SWAT group coming throughout Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity in a really familiar-looking location, calling again to her very first look within the opening moments of “The Matrix.” But these loops do not finish there, as we instantly transition to Jonathan Groff’s as-of-yet unnamed character — previously described solely as “a suit who might be more than he appears to be” — going full Hugo Weaving on us as he seems to be out at an ignorant world and recites Agent Smith’s “Humans are a virus” monologue from the primary movie. Yes, it could definitely seem that in lieu of bringing back Weaving himself, Lana Wachowski merely went and forged Groff as some sort of embodiment or reincarnation of the villainous Smith to additional play into the “Familiar, but also new” theme of this legacy sequel. Look on the Wachowskis and comply with their lead, Hollywood. Now that is visionary-style filmmaking!

Home Movies?

Previously solely hinted at briefly snippets of footage within the first trailer, this newest one goes out and confirms past query that Keanu Reeves’ Neo will truly watch footage from the unique movies together with different characters all through the course of their journey on this new movie. How’s that for a mindf***okay? The alternative between the crimson and blue tablet that Morpheus provided Neo all these years in the past and is now being replayed to a a lot older Neo, and notably, that occasion befell throughout the Matrix itself. Perhaps in a wink in the direction of the truth that nothing you do on the web is ever actually gone for good, the identical seems to be true for something the characters did whereas working round within the simulated world.

Is it potential that with our hero now seemingly trapped in some new and upgraded model of the Matrix, the one factor that may break him out of it once more is to actually re-watch essentially the most essential sequences from the unique film? Now, I know we right here within the film evaluation sport like to look again at previous movies to foretell what’ll occur in future ones (typically to a fault!), however doing that in-universe? This can be on one other degree totally. Once once more, Lana Wachowski is taking part in 4-D chess whereas the remainder of us are nonetheless on checkers.

Something’s Missing

When you will have an actor with as a lot of a booming voice, charisma, and display presence as Abdul-Mateen II does, you higher use a complete lot of him when advertising your film. “This is the moment for you to show us what is real,” Not-Morpheus-But-Kind-Of-Morpheus continues to intone in voiceover as we see but extra repurposed imagery from “The Matrix,” from liquified mirrors to Neo held at gunpoint within the rain to Trinity doing extra of her wire-fu badassery. This a part of the trailer culminates with a shaggy-haired Neo discovering himself in the identical clean house as he did within the authentic, when Morpheus walked him by means of one of the environment friendly and thrilling exposition dumps in blockbuster historical past to elucidate the dire actuality of the Machine-ruled actual world. As a pc program that stands aside from the Matrix, the sockets and post-apocalyptic hairdos (or lack thereof) the characters usually sport disappear and revert again to their very own most popular appearances. It seems to be precisely the kick within the butt that Neo wants, as he seems to be round and is jolted by the conclusion that he “remembers this.” Same, Neo. Same.

Déjà Vu … But Not

This is the place issues begin to actually get dramatic. Jessica Henwick, who performs a personality named Bugs and lately admitted she had her own choice to make between the MCU or “The Matrix,” steps in to specific that they are feeling the sense of déjà vu that indicators a glitch within the Matrix … however “it’s all obviously so wrong. Maybe this isn’t the story we think it is.” The solely factor lacking is Henwick turning in the direction of the digicam, breaking the fourth wall, and instantly informing us that Lana Wachowski desires us to relax on all our half-baked predictions. But are we going to let a foolish little factor like that cease us? Of course not!

The trailer plunges us into much more scenes set throughout the new Matrix, which boasts a wildly extra vibrant shade palette than we’d keep in mind from the green-tinged authentic trilogy. If you keep in mind, the final scene in “The Matrix Revolutions” ended contained in the Matrix with a lovely sundown in contrast to something we beforehand witnessed within the simulation world earlier than. That look positive appears to have carried over to “Resurrections,” although not earlier than giving us much more seems to be on the darkish, red-soaked horrors of the Machine metropolis the place people are stored and bred to supply power. Through Neo’s sacrifice in “Revolutions,” he reached an uneasy truce with the Machines and allowed the final human metropolis of Zion to barely survive the invasion try. Obviously, that truce seems to have been shattered in some unspecified time in the future and we are able to count on yet one more go to to the dystopian world dominated by the Machines.

A Leap of Faith

“Free your mind, Neo.” Morpheus tried as soon as earlier than to get Neo to overlook all the things he thought he knew and acknowledge the simulated world he is truly been residing in. Naturally, this required Neo to make an unimaginable leap from skyscraper to skyscraper to shatter the phantasm of the Matrix. He failed miserably, however everybody fails their first leap. Here we’re reenacting that second as soon as extra, besides this time Neo’s received firm. Clearly motivated to relearn all the identical classes from the unique “The Matrix,” Neo marches straight off a constructing to the dismay of a number of onlookers who clearly suppose he is out of his thoughts. We then flash to New Morpheus coaching Neo in one other dojo, as seen within the first trailer and now expanded on right here. In lesser arms, it may find yourself being extremely tedious to stroll by means of all of the acquainted sights of the unique film … however right here, that clearly seems to be a part of the purpose. “Resurrections” actually looks like a purposeful response to the nostalgia-infused storytelling drowning present blockbusters — we simply obtained a “Force Awakens”-style sequel to “Ghostbusters,” for crying out loud — and if that is the lesson Lana Wachowski intends to show us with this “Matrix” sequel, then I’m all the best way right here for it.

A Familiar Face

Well, hi there there. Remember Jada Pinkett Smith’s Niobe? Well, she’s seen some issues within the time since she survived the battle for Zion in “Revolutions,” speaking to a now-shaved Neo in the true world and occurring about how the noise the Matrix creates in your head is just like the identical sort of noise skilled within the warmth of battle. This a minimum of offers viewers a way of timing for when precisely this new sequel is ready, along with her rather more aged and battle-scarred look strongly suggesting that many years have handed since these characters final noticed each other. Niobe in “Reloaded” and “Revolutions” added extra layers to Morpheus, all whereas functioning as her personal character altogether — no simple feat, as any variety of feminine characters in blockbusters may attest to. Her previous romantic relationship with Morpheus cooled off by the occasions of the trilogy, because of his growing obsession with the enigmatic Oracle and her prophecies of The One. Here, Niobe’s extra grizzled look virtually makes one suppose that she’s taken up the mantle of the Oracle herself. The essential distinction in that little concept, nevertheless, is that the Oracle was herself a program of the Matrix whereas Niobe is merely a human. Granted, one who’s lasted this lengthy within the unforgiving actual world when others — maybe Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus? — haven’t.

Villain(s) Unmasked

Lana Wachowski scoffs on the concept of subtlety! Here, Jonathan Groff channels his interior Hugo Weaving like we have by no means seen earlier than as he screams, “Mr. Anderson,” the lifeless identify (hint, hint) that Neo was referred to earlier than he awoke from the Matrix’s clutches. Thus far, we have now a greater concept that the battle of “Resurrections” will heart on this new Matrix is inflicting issues and glitching not directly the characters have by no means skilled earlier than, and the renewed menace of Groff’s perhaps, type of, sort of model of Agent Smith.

But this is yet one more burden that Neo has to cope with on high of all of it: Trinity. That’s to not say she’s a burden, after all, however the latter half of the trailer makes it abundantly clear that their love story goes to be examined like by no means earlier than. “The most important choice in Neo’s life is not his to make,” says Priyanka Chopra’s character (who could or might not be a grown-up model of Sati, a minor laptop program character from “The Matrix Revolutions”) as we see photos of Neo and Trinity about to kiss. “She believed in me. Now it’s my turn to believe in her,” Neo earnestly tells somebody in the true world. Assuming that is referring to Trinity, could we hazard a guess that the brand new dynamic in “Resurrections” includes Neo attempting desperately to wake Trinity up from the Matrix. Considering the franchise-altering revelation the Architect admitted to Neo in “Reloaded,” may this imply that Trinity is now the following in a protracted line of The Ones?

“I Saw This in a Dream…”

Yeah, trailers will be notoriously deceptive, however we’re betting that Neo and Trinity’s love story goes to be handled as a serious precedence all through “The Matrix Resurrections.” Practically all the trailer after the minute and a half mark is targeted predominantly on Neo and Trinity, exhibiting the 2 in motion similar to outdated occasions, however with a complete array of recent powers. Of course, go away it to Abdul-Mateen II’s Morpheus to say what’s on everybody’s thoughts: “You want to see Trinity again? Fight for her!”

Despite the a great deal of motion on show, the trailer is already noteworthy for a way a lot of the footage consists of individuals merely speaking to 1 one other. As if to drop the mic on how totally different this film seems to be in comparison with others within the present blockbuster panorama, the ultimate seconds of the trailer go with out sound totally as Trinity confesses to Neo in a heartfelt rooftop dialog that she “…saw this in a dream. My dream ended here.” No, the principle part of this footage would not finish on explosions or something like that, however a real second grounded absolutely in emotion and historical past and character. Only then will we get a enjoyable throwback to an iconic Neo line from the unique, when Neo learns kung-fu for the primary time.

All in all, the one factor holding this again from being a flawless trailer to me is that it seems to present away the sport of Groff’s beforehand mysterious character. Of course, seems to be have all the time been deceiving with this franchise, so who is aware of how a lot we truly know simply but. Either manner, “The Matrix Resurrections” involves theaters and HBO Max on December 22, 2021.

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